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Q: What exactly is the no-chip gel?
A: OPI offers two gel products: Axxium and Gelcolor. The Axxium is an older generation that uses UV light curing and acetone soak off method. We carry the newer generation of the no-chip, which is the Gelcolor. Gelcolor uses LED light curing and special soak off formula for easy removal. Gelcolor is less abrasive to your nails because there is no filing and the soak off formula is less harsh than the regular acetone soak off. The no-chip will last on average 2 to 3 weeks and the colors are more vibrant than the regular OPI polishes. We recommend the no-chip gel for clients who use their hands often or for special occasions such as vacations or weddings. 

Q: I've been having these burning sensations when I put my hands under the LED light. 
A: When the gel polish reacts with the LED light, it instantly dries and shrinks, adhering to the nail plate at am extreme speed. When that occurs, the molecules from the polish will pull at your nail plate, creating the "burning sensation". The first timers will usually not feel this, but clients who have done the no-chip more than once may feel it more often.

Q: Why do I feel the burning sensation when I'm soaking off the no-chip gel?
A: This happens to clients who have done the no-chip often which causes the nail plate to weaken and sensitive. 

Q: So the no-chip is still harmful for my nails?
A: Yes and no. Yes, because the chemical process is still abrasive to your nails, but not as much as the Axxium. No, because if you do it about once a month in between your regular manicures, it shouldn't be problematic. 

Q: I'm allergic to certain chemicals. which polish can I use?
A: OPI polishes contain certain chemicals that can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Essie polishes contain less chemicals that can cause the same problems.